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Minimum Wage: So Many Bad Decisions (2015) #2

Minimum Wage So Many Bad Decisions  2

Rob gets a new girlfriend this issue but he also starts doing an autobiographical mini comic. It’s not called Minimum Wage. It’s also not Minimum Wage. It’s very different, though clearly Fingerman doing an “in-world” comic book.

The new girlfriend is a different story than most just because Rob’s not really into her. He’s just broken up over Sheila breaking up with him over Sylvia. Will he someday be sorry he so quickly went from Sheila to the new girl? Undoubtedly.

Fingerman’s using some of his built up good will with this issue just because Rob’s so shallow and mean. But it’s intentional, so Fingerman’s going somewhere with it. Presumably.

It’s a good enough issue, with some real high points, but it never reaches the sublime levels. Considering the series is subtitled So Many Bad Decisions, maybe Fingerman’s giving Rob a new one each issue.

The comic timing’s great.

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  1. V Wiley

    Egads! I HATE the ad videos that start when youre reading. But back on topic, I believe this was an older aqquaintance, and Rob was pretty much doing just a one nighter I believe to “get back on the horse”, as it were. However, with the frequency of Rob’s sex, I don’t think he ever got off. The horse, that is….

    I just loved the way he complained about her teeth in his head during sex. Even when an issue isn’t entirely complete, the little moments in this puppy make it worthwhile.

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