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Big Man Plans 3 (June 2015)

Big Man Plans #3There’s more torture this issue of Big Man Plans but it’s Big Man doing the torturing, not the other way around. And the people he’s torturing–whether it’s his cousin or his aunt, even though we don’t know what they’ve done to deserve it, we know they deserve it.

Because, if he’s anything, Big Man is the hero of this book. Powell and Wiesch remind the reader of it right off, with Big Man in Vietnam saving a nine year-old girl from the American soldiers. It’s a strange scene, wholly unnecessary but still somewhat amusing. Powell wanted to draw a chopped off weinie I guess. No, not the Oscar Mayer kind.

The rest of the issue–well, before the torturing starts–is Big Man recuperating. There’s some more backstory, more hints at whatever set him off, but no answers yet.

It’s an amusing book, but could be much better.


Writers, Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch; artist and letterer, Powell; publisher, Image Comics.

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