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Where Monsters Dwell (2015) #1

Where Monsters Dwell  1

Thank goodness for Secret Wars, otherwise Garth Ennis and Russ Braun wouldn’t be doing a riff on pulp heroes. It’s got that Ennis attention to period detail, which Braun goes along with, but it’s far more irreverent than expected. Given Ennis’s concentration on historical war fiction, Where Monsters Dwell–set sometime post-WWI–works out beautifully. Ennis can put the serious attention into setting while still just having a good time.

And that good time is what puts Monsters immediately apart. The story seems to have the hero–The Phantom Eagle–ending up in the Savage Land because of the end of the world. Only the hero, nor anyone else Ennis introduces this issue, knows the world has ended. Instead, they’re just 1920s people ending up in the Savage Land.

And it works out. Braun doesn’t get a variety of dinosaurs to draw here, but his period work’s beautiful stuff.

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