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Mayday 1 (April 2015)

Mayday #1Mayday tells the story of a coked out Hollywood director who stumbles across a couple of bad Tarantino knock-off hit men and starts an adventure.

There’s also a Benicio Del Toro (called Benicio Del Cocaine) character who’s given up Hollywood to start a cult and kill people. It’s not clear how it’s all connected, but it’s undoubtedly connected.

I suppose Mayday writer Curt Pires gets some credit for doing a comic with absolutely no chance of getting optioned by Hollywood (one hopes Lindsay Lohan or Del Toro sues him for defamation of character) but there’s nothing to the story. The protagonist is obnoxious, the supporting cast is obnoxious. Towards the end of the issue, Pires cheaply inserts a second lead. She doesn’t have enough presence to be obnoxious.

Chris Peterson’s art is okay enough, but he doesn’t do anything special. Mayday is a whole bag of not special actually.


Degradation Nation; writer, Curt Pires; artist, Chris Peterson; colorist, Pete Toms; letterer, Colin Bell; publisher, Black Mask Studios.

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