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Red One 2 (April 2015)

Red One #2This issue of Red One is far superior to the first one, just because Dorison’s made most of his sexist jokes. This time he tries to go the other way and mock the fascist fundamentalist Christians out to attack gays and fails miserably. For what’s supposed to be a period piece–think Boogie Nights with less story–Dorison doesn’t get any details right.

At least the Dodsons are doing very seventies hair on the people. It’s almost like Dorison doesn’t know how to write the period and, instead of fixing the script, the art is just supposed to cover for it.

But Vera’s a strong character and the old man she takes care for is a strong character and it works out. None of the supporting cast Dorison implied would be important last issue have much to do here. Thank goodness.

The ending’s off, but it’s a nice trip there.


Welcome to America, Part Two; writer, Xavier Dorison; penciller and colorist, Terry Dodson; inker, Rachel Dodson; letterer, Clayton Cowles; publisher, Image Comics.

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