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Red One 1 (March 2015)

Red One #1What’s Red One all about? Being sensational. It opens with a Christian fundamentalist psychopath killing a porn star–oh, Red One is set in the seventies so pornos are still being shown in the theater (in this case, a theater resembling the White House). Then the action jumps to the Soviet Union and the top Russian super-spy.

I think her name’s Vera. Her name is less important than her being a bustier version of Wonder Woman who’s also something of a nymphomaniac. The Soviets aren’t happy with the Christian fundamentalist serial killer–who is going after commies and gays too in the U.S. (not sure where Xavier Dorison came up with his Soviet history but he’s wrong all the time)–so they send Vera to do something.

When it’s not trying to be more sexist than Frank Miller, Red One is sometimes fun. When it isn’t fun? It’s icky.


Welcome to America, Part One; writer, Xavier Dorison; penciller and colorist, Terry Dodson; inker, Rachel Dodson; letterer, Clayton Cowles; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. V Wiley

    Russian social ignorance aside, it’s still well executed icky, haha.

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