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Perihelion (2015, József Gallai)

Bálint Egri stars in PERIHELION, directed by József Gallai.

Perihelion is a gorgeous film. Director Gallai composes the widescreen masterfully; he’s shooting digital, but uses Panavision aspect ratio to great success. The only times there’s any problem with the short’s visuals are when he and photographer (and editor and composer) Gergö Elekes hurry a shot.

The film’s a rumination on sadness and loss, with protagonist Bálint Egri leading a solitary existence. Gallai and Elekes do these fantastic transitions into flashback, bringing a desolate shot to life (Perihelion really shows off what one can do with digital on a restricted budget).

Unfortunately, there’s also almost omnipresent narration. Gallai adapted Perihelion from Beke Tamás Tarsoly’s poems and Gábor Varga narrates with them. Even though Egri never speaks, it’s obvious he doesn’t sound like Varga. There’s a disconnect. Varga’s rough voice against the beautiful film and Egri’s gentle performance.

Perihelion is still successful–Gallai’s a fantastic filmmaker–but it could’ve been sublime



Directed by József Gallai; screenplay by Gallai, based on poems by Beke Tamás Tarsoly; director of photography, Gergö Elekes; edited by Elekes; music by Elekes; production designer, Elekes; produced by Gallai and Elekes.

Starring Bálint Egri (Poet), Petra Zsófia Rékai (Wife) and Kata Tábori (Girl); narrated by Gábor Varga.

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