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Letter 44 (2013) #15

Letter 44  15

Well. Soule jumps three months ahead in Letter 44 and entirely skips anything with the regular President. The former President (you know, Bush) is running the war against America from Europe, which is kind of funny. Wonder if he eats Freedom Fries. It’s kind of bad, kind of not. Soule is using up all his stockpiled good will, especially since Alburquerque’s art has somehow gotten worse.

There’s some flashback to the discovery of the aliens and it’s boring. I think it’s basically the trailer from Contact. Or maybe The Arrival. And when Soule gets back to outer space, it reminds of Arthur C. Clarke and so on. The astronauts are now in an alien zoo.

The space stuff is definitely more interesting than the Earth stuff, but it’s still stretching thin. Hopefully Soule will figure out something to do with the comic, because Letter 44 seems aimless at this point.

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  1. V Wiley

    A real misfire, sad to see. I wonder if Soule’s workload with Marvel had anything to do with this, or did he just run out of ideas? Either way, hurting his only creator owned work hurts his rep as well. Tough stuff. Hopefully he turns it around next issue, but the fall here is great.

    Alberquerque’s work is passable, but his lack of imagination in designing tech gets too distracting, it reminds one of the drawings you might do in your notebook at school when you were a kid.

    The sad thing is, a decent editor could of helped avoid this.

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