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Kaijumax (2015) #1

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My friend summed up Kaijumax for me before I read it. Monster Island is a maximum security prison. Ultraman is the guard. He neglected to tell me there was bickering between classes of monster, silly cameos from an Aliens alien and a whole bunch of Mecha-Godzillas. Because Zander Cannon loves this stuff. It’s clear. He loves it.

Kaijumax is perfect for a certain audience, one with nostalgia for afternoons spent in the seventies and eighties watching Godzilla movies on TV. Of course, Cannon makes Kaijumax tougher–it’s a prison after all (and one of the only real problems is how much he wants to make it “Oz”). It doesn’t cause a disconnect between story and art, it just makes it hard to know how to take the comic.

Should any effort be spent trying to see all the sense in it?

Who knows. Maybe I’ll find out next issue.

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