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Manifest Destiny (2013) #13

Manifest Destiny  13

It’s a bridging issue of Manifest Destiny. Dingess makes it seem full, starting with a different journal than the normal one, but he doesn’t do much with it. He gets the reader’s brain going in the first few pages, then doesn’t ask anything more of him or her.

There’s a little with Sacagawea this issue; more than usual, but it’s more hints, no answers. Dingess seems resolved to use her as little as possible, while constantly implying she could be doing so much more.

Otherwise, it’s just more rumblings of mutiny and vague flirting. And monsters. But possibly cute ones. It’s hard to tell with Roberts’s art how scary a monster’s supposed to be until it eats someone.

As usual, Manifest Destiny running just a bit longer would help–especially since Roberts is doing big panel arrangements (with lovely landscapes) to hide the brevity in the script. It’s too lean.

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