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Sally of the Wasteland 5 (December 2014)

Sally of the Wasteland #5Bettin’s art is a little broad for the finish, which has Sally in a “normal” future environment. She and Tommy make it into safe hands, a huge underground society started by the college professors who knew nuclear war was coming.

Most of the issue has Sally hanging out with the female security chief, though Gischler does get in an action packed conclusion. It all seems little familiar–a little Aliens, a little Terminator, a little Planet of the Apes–but the mix isn’t bad. And the issue, even with Bettin getting lazy as the comic goes on, isn’t bad at all. It’s rather good.

It just doesn’t have an ending for the series. Gischler goes with a big cliffhanger, which sort of leaves Sally adrift. He’s not leaving it open for a sequel or setting up a sequel, he’s cutting out before the story ends. It’s frustrating.

But rather good.



Writer, Victor Gischler; artist, Tazio Bettin; letterer and editor, Tom Williams; publisher, Titan Comics.

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  1. V Wiley

    Truly amazing the amount of homages Gishler has going on in this series. For me, the sci fi movie Boy and His Dog laid it out. While not one of his more successful works, Sally is still more fun to read than a bagfull of superhero comics. My only gripe is that it’s published by Titan, which means it won’t be in print long, and we may never see it again. Snif.

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