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Marie (2014, Alfredo Tanaka)

Kasia Koleczek stars in MARIE, directed by Alfredo Tanaka.

Director Tanaka starts out Marie in a hospital–after a flashy opening title card–and it’s impossible to know where the short is going. It’s a scary enough hospital and the titular protagonist (played by Kasia Koleczek) is already on the gurney. There’s no music, just the sounds of the operation getting ready.

It’s creepy. And it’s all so Tanaka can ease the viewer into what comes next. The viewer is vulnerable, identifying with Koleczek in that opening sequence–with the way Tanaka transitions scenes, he earns some trust.

Because Tanaka and his crew are more the stars of Marie. The music from Jack Northover and Jack Pescod, when it does appear, defines the rest of the film. Fantastic photography from George de Freitas and lovely editing from Sophie Black.

It’s a precisely made film, perfectly balanced between narrative flow and intense visual flow. Marie is ambitious, confident and excellent.

3/3Highly Recommended


Produced and directed by Alfredo Tanaka; written by Joe Aaron and Tanaka; director of photography, George de Freitas; edited by Sophie Black; music by Jack Northover and Jack Pescod.

Starring Kasia Koleczek (Marie), Damien Hughes (Dr. Robert Newman), Rachel Howells (Wife) and Liza Ivanova-Galitsyna (Daughter).


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