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Nailbiter (2014) #6

Nailbiter  6

All of a sudden, Nailbiter is something different. Williamson changes protagonists and gives the issue a narrator in Alice, the teenager (or slightly older) possible future serial killer. She teams up with the sheriff to track down some crazy woman.

It feels very distinct and separate from everything else in the series so far–even though the characters continue, the former protagonist isn’t in the issue. His story line isn’t continued or really even referenced. Instead of the serial killers in town being so important, the town becomes important. It’s a very nice issue.

Williamson’s writing of Alice is excellent, especially with her rash behavior. He has a great way of making the behavior changes flow, while still being visible and concerning.

There’s some fantastic art from Henderson this issue.

Regardless if it’s just a done-in-one or a new direction, Williamson’s definitely got lots of space with Nailbiter.

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