Judge Dredd 2 (December 1983)

Judge Dredd #2This issue has stories where Dredd is stationed on the moon. There’s a bit too much of the Wild West mentality to it–which early 2000 A.D. progs often did with Americans in the future, so I guess it fits; the cowboy hats are still annoying.

The first story has Dredd dealing with a disaster caused by some bank robberies. Their comeuppance is a little lackluster–Wagner really likes the dry humor in this issue’s four stories. He goes too far with it most of the time.

In a two-part story, Wagner compares televised athletics and war on the moon–it’s supposed to be more humane, of course. Dredd keeping his helmet on while in a soldier uniform is goofy, but it’s okay.

Even the best story–Dredd’s robot gets a romantic interest–has its problems.

The last story’s a predictable, if amusing, bank robbery one.

Great art throughout.



Writer, John Wagner; artist, Brian Bolland; colorist, John Burns; letterers, Tom Frame and Tony Jacob; editor, Nick Landau; publisher, Eagle Comics.

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