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Copperhead (2014) #2


How can this comic be so good? Faerber keeps up the fantastic mix of sci-fi and Western in the second issue, with a couple plots. The sheriff's son is in trouble in the desert from giant bugs, with the neighbor girl, and a mysterious protector (calling him Ishmael is a cute touch from Faerber).

So that plot is mostly danger, with Godlewski's art concentrating on keeping the reader on edge. The giant bugs aren't clear at first, they get introduced all. It moves very fast.

The investigation is the other plot, the sheriff and deputy Boo. The best moment in the comic is when Faerber reveals Boo isn't stupid; he's smart, but looks stupid and slow. It's a great, quiet scene in the issue.

There are some new characters, some unexpected scenes with already introduced scenes; Faerber just writes them all wonderfully and Godlewski's art is perfect for it all.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    “how can this be so good?” It’s an interesting time in comics when we have to ask such questions on a regular basis. Yet here, it fits. I find myself suspicious of Farber’s talents, since in twenty years we haven’t seen him work at this level. The comic is such a good read, it looks like I’ll have to get over it though.

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