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Dark Dungeons (2014, L. Gabriel Gonda)

Anastasia Higham and Alyssa Kay star in DARK DUNGEONS, directed by L. Gabriel Gonda.

Dark Dungeons is the story of two college freshman, played by Alyssa Kay and Anastasia Higham, who find themselves trying to fit in. Through a combination of peer pressure and just plain wanting to have fun without thinking about the consequences, they discover a role playing game (the titular Dark Dungeons).

Soon, the game takes over their lives.

Dungeons is based on a short (anti-role playing game) comic and the filmmakers take it very seriously. Right down to Kay and Higham unintentionally awakening Cthulhu. They've been led astray by their game master, Tracy Hyland, who's also apparently seducing the girls away from their heterosexuality.

Dungeons has to be seen to be believed, with Kay and Higham turning in awesome, sincere performances. As for Hyland, she chomps through that scenery.

Director Gonda does well–he and Ben Dobyns' editing is a standout, as is JR Ralls's script.

Dungeons is an indescribable experience.

3/3Highly Recommended


Directed by L. Gabriel Gonda; screenplay by JR Ralls, based on a comic book by Jack T. Chick; director of photography, Sam Graydon; edited by Ben Dobyns and Gonda; music by Randy Torres; production designer, Leila Aram-Panahi; produced by Ben Rapson and Ralls.

Starring Alyssa Kay (Debbie), Anastasia Higham (Marcie), Tracy Hyland (Mistress Frost), Jonathan Crimeni (Nitro), Trevor Cushman (Mike), David Anthony Lewis (the professor) and Kaleb Hagen-Kerr (the preacher).


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