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The Mice Templar Volume II: Destiny 6 (January 2010)

The Mice Templar Volume II: Destiny #6Glass continues the series on its way, with some subtle observations from Karic about his lot in life. Having Karic the more mature, thoughtful one–especially as he finds himself amongst old Templars–is still a bit of a surprise. It’s a fine transition, it just changes the series more than I was expecting. With it, Mice Templar loses a number of its similarities to other works.

The issue also has a lot of action, whether it’s Karic and an old Templar against bugs and bats (physically against bugs, intellectually against the bats) or Cassius leading troops against a scorpion invader. Oh, and Glass really knows how to bring in the danger of the nature; it’s something he’s quietly established but hasn’t run wild with until this issue.

The characters are mice. They have lots of predators, swords or not.

The third act’s a little soft, but it’s strong stuff.



The Bats of Meave; writer, Bryan J.L. Glass; artist, Victor Santos; colorist, Veronica Gandini; letterer, James H. Glass; editor, Judy Glass; publisher, Image Comics.

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