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Troops (1997, Kevin Rubio)

Troops is an awesome "Cops" parody set in the Star Wars universe, specifically during the events of the original movie on Tatooine.

The feel of short makes it work, with writer-director Rubio hitting all the right "Cops" moments while still making sure to fit the roles of the stormtroopers in the film. There's also some really great static CGI shots for a short film.

While one assumes the filmmakers and the many costumed individuals are big Star Wars fans–Troops would have been back when stormtroopers were practically the only cosplay–it's a very accessible outing. The two incidents Rubio shows call back to memorable moments of the film.

There's some excellent voice work from Cam Clarke, who plays his stormtrooper like a guy out of Fargo. The second one, voiced by Jess Harnell, isn't quite as good but it's because Rubio's setting up a lengthy (but successful) gag.

Troops is hilarious.

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