Stray Bullets 10 (August 1996)

Stray Bullets #10It’s the best issue of Stray Bullets so far and it’s an Amy Racecar issue. I’ll pause for a moment and let that situation sink in. The fictional character of one of Lapham’s fictional characters has the best issue in ten.

Okay, here we go. Amy, or little Ginny, ends up in Seaside. Seaside is that truck stop-centered place from the last issue. Luckily, none of the regular cast appears–for a few pages, I was worried Lapham was having Ginny project Amy Racecar around her–except Spanish Scott. Of course, he’s called something else because Ginny never found out his name. This issue is her still disturbed from what she witnessed–and all the crazy stuff following it (and predating it, turns out her mom’s always been a nutter).

There’s action, there’s comedy, there’s great writing and great art. Lapham keeps piling it on and he keeps on selling it through.




Here Comes the Circus; writer, artist, and letterer, David Lapham; editor, Deborah Purcell; publisher, El Capitán Books.

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