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Minimum Wage 4 (April 2014)

Minimum Wage #4Fingerman finds a nice calm with this issue of Wage. He doesn’t try for much–most of the issue involves protagonist Rob and his two friends out for a night on the town and running into awkward situations. None of the situations are uproarious, but all of them are pleasing enough.

The first part of the issue deals with moving things along plot-wise. New job, new apartment. Rob has so many different friends it’s hard to imagine how the guy has time to do any work whatsoever; Fingerman really likes drawing scenes in dining establishments.

As I said, the calm is nice–there’s a definite lack of ambition to it. The story can’t do too much with Rob doing nothing but talking to his buddies and Fingerman never puts them on high adventures together.

Hopefully next issue will have more activity, but it’s unclear how much comic really needs.


Writer and artist, Bob Fingerman; publisher, Image Comics.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    You know, i was trying to label this comic, but i couldnt come up with anything better than good jewish nebbish humor.

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