Shotgun Wedding 1 (April 2014)

Shotgun Wedding #1Shotgun Wedding is “Spy vs. Spy” with hormones. It opens up with a jilted bride, implying she’s just a girl from Nevada who likes her assault rifles. Then writer William Harms jumps forward four years to introduce the jilting bride groom. He’s an international assassin or something. Probably a good guy, based on the accent of his target.

There’s some back story showing how bloody the girl makes things, with Harms showing past events to make the reader worry about the guy’s new fiancée and his invalid mother. It’s really cheap, derivative stuff from start to finish.

Edward Pun’s art is simple, black and white, stylized. He’s definitely trying to do things with the action, to tell a scene in the most engaging way possible. That effort doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s counter to Harms’s standard, unambitious script.

Worst, Harms seems to think being mean is the same thing as funny.



Writer, William Harms; artist, Edward Pun; letterer, Troy Peteri; editor, Betsy Gonia; publisher, Top Cow Productions.

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