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Veil 2 (April 2014)

Veil #2The first issue of Veil just had present action scenes, no exposition. This issue, Rucka adds exposition. He adds rapist cops–and their compliant partners, he adds fundamentalist Christian preachers who make deals with demon conjurers–and he adds a lot of dialogue.

Oddly, it also gives Fejzula a lot less to do. More stuff, but less interesting visuals.

Unfortunately, all of the additions are bad and they’re all at the expense of the title character. Veil, this issue, just sits around until she conveniently goes off–doesn’t like waffles. The guy helping her talks to himself the entire issue and his dialogue’s terrible.

There’s an early moment to forecast the problems–the guy freaks out because he can’t climb over a dumpster to escape the cops. Not the rapist cops. Presumably regular ones. Why can’t he climb over the dumpster? Nice pants?

It’s so bad it’s not even disappointing.



Writer, Greg Rucka; artist and colorist, Toni Fejzula; letterer, Nate Piekos; editors, Shantel LaRocque and Scott Allie; publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

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