Tales of Honor 1 (March 2014)

F20cd20f 3dfe 4193 ad92 a4609e0a0fe4I have one quibble with Tales of Honor is how Jung-Geun Yoon draws the wildlife. Yoon’s sequential art is very stylized, digital painting, which works great for space battles and not too bad for the people. The conversations are mostly in medium shots so no too static faces delivering dialogue. But the protagonist has a pet cat (it’s not just a pet, it’s a soul-bonded thing but who cares) and Yoon can’t draw that cat. It looks like an Egyptian statue.

Writer Matt Hawkins has quite a bit of material to build on–the series is based on a science fiction novel series–and everything is well-executed. The protagonist is sympathetic but not exactly likable. Hawkins doesn’t give the reader to opportunity to get to know any supporting cast; arguably he hasn’t established one yet.

Tales of Honor’s off to a strong, confident start. It’s good stuff.



On Basilisk Station, Part One; writer, Matt Hawkins; artists, Jung-Geun Yoon and Linda Sejic; colorist, Yoon; letterer, Troy Peteri; editor, Besty Gonia; publisher, Top Cow Productions.

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