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One-Hit Wonder 1 (February 2014)

1I’m going to go out on a limb and assume writer Fabrice Sapolsky thinks all of One-Hit Wonder’s misogynist moments are post-sexist and totally cool. There aren’t any rape jokes yet, but it’s just the first issue.

Reading Wonder, the only thing I really wondered about was Ariel Olivetti. His painted art is still rather nice (and the single good thing about the comic) but how the mighty have fallen. He’s doing an Image comic about a child star grown-up to be an obnoxious hit man? It also makes this series the third Image hit man book I’ve read in a month and a half. There are probably even more.

Sapolsky hints at developing the female character in the future–the lead’s unconscious by the cliffhanger–but there’s no point. Sapoldky frequently mocks his own dialogue and plotting. Why should a reader take it seriously then?



Glorious Basterd; writer, Fabrice Sapolsky; artist and colorist, Ariel Olivetti; letterer, Wolfpack; editor, J.M. Besnier; publisher, Image Comics.

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