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Batman versus The Terminator (2014, Mitchell Hammond)

With its white on black title card announcing the setting–not to mention the music from Noir Deco–Batman versus The Terminator felt very Escape from New York. There’s even some wireframe graphics in it. Sadly, that vibe doesn’t last.

What replaces it isn’t particularly good either. Mitchell Hammond is really good at mimicking James Cameron’s Terminator 2 future scenes in something like an anime Frank Miller style, but there doesn’t need to be a Batman reference in it too. Especially when the ending payoff is really cool title design and not an action sequence.

Hammond instead wastes a bunch of time on rebel action… without any Terminators around.

His animation’s okay. It’s impressive he put together an almost five minute short, but his actual ability isn’t outstanding. Characters slime around instead of walk, for example. And the Terminators aren’t skeletal anymore.

The idea’s dumb, something the short ably reinforces.

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  1. Well, at least you gave it a chance.

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