Revenge 1 (February 2014)

297103 20140226100444 largeAh, redemption. Jonathan Ross wimps out with Revenge, instead letting Ian Churchill’s gross-out art do the dirty work.

The concept is a seventies action star who gets his comeback thanks to an Expendables like hit when he’s seventy-two. His trophy wife convinces him to get an experimental facelift, but she really wants to torture him because when she was a kid he seduced her mother away from her father.

Sounds like our protagonist is a bad guy, but no… he donates money to his daughter’s zoo and she knows he’s turned the corner into goodness. And the wife isn’t just doing it to be evil, she really wants his money.

With the lifeless Churchill art and its lack of personality–the comic, besides the gore, looks like action figure packaging–Revenge was never going to soar, but it’s unfortunate Ross isn’t committed to the meanness. Exploitation it ain’t.



Writer, Jonathan Ross; artist, Ian Churchill; colorists, Arif Prianto and Churchill; letterers, Jimmy Betancourt and Richard Starkings; publisher, Image Comics.

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