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Bad Dog (2009) #6


There’s a lot of action but also a lot of character stuff. Bad Dog’s strength has always been Kelly’s character stuff. This issue there’s also a lot of nice art from Greco. He’s got it down… in what appears to be the final issue.

It’s a double-size issue too, with Kelly doing the huge action sequence and giving himself time for cleanup. He also ties things up with all the subplots, he gives Lou the werewolf a chance to change. And so on and so on. It’s a solid comic, mostly because Kelly seems finished with it.

But it’s so solid one wants more Bad Dog. It just remains to be seen if Kelly can find a different story for him and enough hilarity. Maybe hilarity is too strong a word–amusing subplots for the vast supporting cast.

The issue’s got a nice structure too. It’s rather good.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    Man, weren’t the first few issues of this published when you were still in Chicago? Can’t imagine why they’d do this and not just go to the collected trade…

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