EGOs 1 (January 2014)

293481 20140115172956 largeI don’t know where to go on EGOs. On one hand, writer Stuart Moore does a great job with the sci-fi universe setup. Gus Storms’s art is kind of a friendly Prophet. It’s never gross, never too bloody.

But it’s not just a sci-fi story, it’s a superhero sci-fi story. It’s the Legion of Super-Heroes getting the “grown-up, grim and gritty” treatment. It’s goofy. Is it going to be goofy in a good way? It’s hard to say, as Moore did put in all that sci-fi setup work. It’s like he takes the science fiction future part of it far more seriously than the superhero stuff.

The characters seem like they could be good. The protagonists are a fighting married couple, retired superheroes with nothing else to do. And Moore doesn’t wink at them. It’s all straightforward and sincere.

I’m hopeful, but shouldn’t be.



Dead Worlds; writer, Stuart Moore; artist and colorist, Gus Storms; letterer, Rob Steen; editor, Marie Javins and Moore; publisher, Image Comics.

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