Afterlife with Archie (2013) #3

Afterlife with Archie  3

There’s something off about this issue, like Aguirre-Sacasa didn’t have a big event planned for it so he went with three smaller ones. Or two smaller ones, it’s hard to determine whether Archie’s jaunt around apocalyptic Rivertown will be a subplot or the main plot.

But the smaller events are a couple regular cast members turning into zombies and having a rather lackluster finish to their first attack and then a flashback to how the diner burned down and why.

Instead, Aguirre-Sacasa focuses on some human interactions. There’s a lot with Veronica’s dad about his feelings of concern over the teenagers in his care, there’s a little with Betty and Archie (barely enough to mention) and some more with Betty and Veronica.

Even though these characterizations are modernized, they’re famous characters with familiar relationships. They don’t need the same time as new characters.

Still, it’s a great read.

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