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Miracleman 7 (April 1986)

7961 20051127175459 largeI wonder how Alan Moore felt about seeing these finished pages. He turned in a great script, sent it off, got back these Chuck Austen pages. It’s a shock he didn’t quit comics then.

Oddly enough, Austen is better this issue than last. He’s still terrible though. He can’t do a subplot about some former Nazi youth being excited at the arrival of the Aryan Miracleman. Austen hasn’t got an ounce of subtlety. It’s shocking.

He must have been cheap.

The issue finishes up Miracleman’s encounter with his creator. Moore comes up with what should be a beautiful sequence for that particular finale and Austen drops the ball on it. Moore’s trying to go between childlike wonder and visceral violence. Austen doesn’t exhibit the ability for either.

It’s very odd to read a story in a visual medium and be left recalling it more vividly than the artist rendered it.



Bodies; writer, Alan Moore; artist, Chuck Austen; colorist, Ron Courtney; letterer, Wayne Truman; editor, Cartherine Yronwode; publisher, Eclipse.

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  1. Vernon wiley

    yes, the inclusion of Chuck Austen in these pages is truly astounding, considering what he followed. Had I been in charge (ha ha), after seeing these pages, I may have delayed publication. perhaps this wasn’t an option. Perhaps this is just one of those crazy things in comics that can only happen in comics. Luckily, it’s over soon, as Moore (?)pulls in Kubert school guys Rick Vietch and John Totleben.

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