Batman 384 (June 1985)

2846Hoberg and Nebres’s art is a little perplexing. The medium shots, pretty much anything with Batman, the action sequences, none of these work out. No one’s really putting in any effort. The Batman cowl, for instance, is just awful. But in the pensive close-ups of characters? All of a sudden Hoberg and Nebres are trying.

While that emphasis makes some sense–the emotional resonance of the story–it’s also a superhero comic. Dynamic action, especially with a lame villain like Calendar Man, might make all the difference.

Sadly, Hoberg’s composition–even for the panels he does try on–isn’t any good. So they’re stilted, if detailed, close-ups.

Moench awkwardly resolves a big thread (rushing to a resolution, actually), then has Alfred again pimping out his daughter to Bruce.

Another goofy part is Jason suiting up as Robin to do some computer work in the Batcave. It’s just odd.



Broken Dates; writer, Doug Moench; penciller, Rick Hoberg; inker, Rudy Nebres; colorist, Adrienne Roy; letterer, John Workman; editor, Len Wein; publisher, DC Comics.

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