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Manifest Destiny (2013) #2

Manifest Destiny  2

It’s a mix of an action issue and a (fake) science issue. Lewis and Clark try to figure out the creature they’ve discovered–with some great notes about its physiology–before the buildup to the action sequence begins.

And I’ve got to get it out of the way–the cliffhanger, which hinges entirely on the zombie zeitgeist and the reader’s familiarity with it, works. It’s incredibly creepy thanks to Roberts’s art. I’m sure Dingess will have a good explanation for it–he sort of hints at one earlier in the issue–but the cliffhanger’s effective. Even if it’s a zombie.

The issue’s just all around good. Roberts handles the panicked conversation scenes as well as he does the chase through the forest. He and Dingess aren’t playing with a familiar drama; the Lewis and Clark era of American exploration only gets play every fifteen years or so.

Destiny’s working well.

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