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Coffin Hill 2 (January 2014)

Coffin Hill 2 CoverI love the way Kittredge uses the narration this issue. The lead girl–Eve (I actually remember her name, not bad)–she goes home to her family’s manor. There’s a lot of good first person narration about her history with her family and so on. Then the narration cuts–as the character thinks of different events–to something relevant for the present action of the issue.

That move is probably more impressive than the rest of the issue, just because it’s sort of standard. Eve meets a guy she used to know who has become the town police chief. She’s a former cop, she starts investigating with him. Actually–while I don’t expected it and I hope not, all of a sudden Coffin Hill seems like a police procedural.

Anyway, its nice art again from Miranda; it’s genuinely creepy when it needs to be.

It isn’t great, but it’s solid.


The Waters and the Wild; writer, Caitlin Kittredge; artist, Inaki Miranda; colorist, Eva De La Cruz; letterer, Travis Lanham; editors, Gregory Lockard and Shelly Bond; publisher, Vertigo.

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