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Kiss Me, Satan (2013) #2

Kiss Me Satan  2

Didn’t the first issue have some really mediocre or bad narration from the protagonist? Gischler doesn’t make that mistake in this issue. It’s a lot of action–actually, I think it’s nonstop action at least for the witches and their mysterious protector.

Gischler goes for humor with the witches and it works. His banter between the protector and the vampire hit woman is a little weak, but it’s still all right. Kiss Me, Satan is interesting in how it’s not too ambitious, Ferreyra’s art isn’t exactly good–he goes for a static painted look–but the comic is rather entertaining nonetheless.

There’s some good, actually nerve-wracking stuff with the lady giving birth to the heir to the werewolf clan. It provides a fine companion to the main fight between the witches and the ninja zombies, which is definitely more for humor.

It’s a pleasant book; tough, but not really.

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  1. vernon wiley

    I think it’s a strange compliment, but I have to say, one of this books most appealing aspects is that that it doesn’t get over ambitious. Perhaps this is indicative of comics multi tasking purpose of being translated into other media. Still, a fun ride so far.

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