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Record/Play (2012, Jesse Atlas)

Record/Play is an awesome little short. Director Atlas–along with his co-writer, Aaron Wolfe–does something rather amazing. He starts with fetishizing old cassettes. The unnamed protagonist, played by Mustafa Shakir, sits and replays old cassette tapes. They each have labels, they each are from different places (which soon becomes important).

But then his Sony Walkman breaks and he has to change out a diode or something. Atlas goes just far enough into the technical, the circuit board, the process of repairing the device; he never lets it become too much about nostalgia because then, almost out of nowhere, Record/Play becomes something else entirely.

Even as unpredictable as its main plot point plays, the finale is expected. But watching the protagonist try and try again to get it right is where Record/Play really amazes.

Wonderful music from Greg Townley, great photography from Blake McClure.

It’s outstanding.

3/3Highly Recommended


Directed by Jesse Atlas; screenplay by Aaron Wolfe and Atlas, based on a story by Atlas; director of photography, Blake McClure; edited by Wolfe; music by Greg Townley; production designer, Alec Contestabile; produced by Chris Bryant.

Starring Mustafa Shakir (Man) and Deepti Gupta (Woman).


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