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Epiphany (2012, Darin McLeod)

Ophelia Lovibond stars in EPIPHANY, directed by Darin McLeod.

I really hope Epiphany is supposed to be a pitch black comedy. If so, director McLeod gets kudos. If not, he deserves hisses.

The short opens with a clock. Ophelia Lovibond is in a therapy session, she’s talking–it’s unclear but she’s at the end of her session. McLeod goes through a lot of familiar tropes and Lovibond delivers the line’s well, they’re just trite.

Mark Bazeley does fine as the therapist. McLeod gives him way too much to do for three minutes when he’s just supposed to be listening. Still, it’s fine.

Once Lovibond gets up to go–at the end of the session–things become predictable and either good or bad. I’m going to give McLeod the benefit of the doubt and assume he knew how to play things.

If it were a commercial, it’d be perfect. It’s hilarious stuff. Lovibond’s performance is better than her dialogue deserves.



Directed by Darin McLeod; screenplay by McLeod, based on a story by Dustin Barron; director of photography, Benedict Spence; edited by Oliver Parker; production designer, Alexis Hamilton; produced by Mary Hare.

Starring Ophelia Lovibond (Jenny) and Mark Bazeley (Psychiatrist).


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