Detective Comics 789 (February 2004)

148817So Batman finds this rock Indiana Jones once lost and it turns you into a violent superman. While under its influence, he kills a helicopter pilot who’s being held hostage.

Bolles is such a crappy writer, he doesn’t even seem to acknowledge it once the helicopter explodes. Moments later, Batman has the good old “no, I’m not a killer” thing and saves the bad guy. That poor helicopter pilot’s corpse is, in the meantime, burning.

And then there’s the finish. Batman commits the mastermind to Arkham. Why? Well, she’s bad. Can he prove she’s bad? No, not at all. Bolles might be a moronic writer–with some of the worst exposition in a comic ever–but the editors okayed this crap.

The backup, about Batman’s costume manufacturer, is dumb too. A.J. Lieberman’s script starts decently, but once he gets to the plot it all goes to pot.

Awful comic.


The Randori Stone, Part Two; writer, Paul Bolles; penciller, Mike Lilly; inker, Dan Davis; colorist, Jason Wright; editors, Michael Wright and Bob Schreck. The Tailor, Part One; writer, A.J. Lieberman; penciller, Jean-Jacques Dzialowski; inker, Dan Green; colorist, Giulia Brusco; editors, Nachie Castro and Matt Idelson. Letterer, Clem Robins; publisher, DC Comics.