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The Flying Man (2013, Marcus Alqueres)

The Flying Man is a mixed bag. A good one, thanks to the actors, but they take forever to show up. Director Alqueres instead opens with these newscasts about a flying vigilante who kills bad guys by dropping them or their cars from such great heights.

There’s all this talk about the federal government getting involved–after a week or two of a flying man killing people. Alqueres’s attempt at reality goes out the window right away. The police don’t even intervene.

But then Nick Smyth and Rick Cordeiro show up as these two bagmen and the film follows them. Smyth’s worried, Cordeiro’s not, and it’s mostly just them talking until the big finish.

Smyth sells the whole short. His performance is outstanding.

As a director, Alqueres is fine (once the news stuff is over). His editing’s even better though.

It’s kind of dumb, kind of great (thanks to Smyth).



Directed, edited and produced by Marcus Alqueres; screenplay by Alqueres and Henry Grazinoli, based on a story by Alqueres; director of photography, Anthony Scott Burns; music by Roger Lima.

Starring Nick Smyth (Mike) and Rick Cordeiro (Rob).


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  1. Overall, I felt the same way about this short flick as you did. We arrived at the same conclusion and exactly in different ways. I was drawn in by the reality beginnings that asked intriguing questions but ultimately let down by the writing. The acting was decent enough.

    Shaka Sez check out director Marcus Alqueres other short CRITTUS if you haven’t already. I found that far superior!

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