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Dr. Easy (2013, Jason Groves, Chris Harding and Richard Kenworthy)

A scene from DR. EASY, directed by Jason Groves, Chris Harding and Richard Kenworthy.

Dr. Easy is definitely well made. It’s unclear if directors Groves, Harding and Kenworthy are competent on their own but together they can make a decent looking little picture.

But they raise a lot of obvious questions with Easy and ignore them.

It’s a future story with a robot medic going in to handle an armed gunman. Oh, wait, there’s the first question. Is the robot really there to help the gunman or the police? The police stand down to the medic. All the filmmakers needed was to give the main cop, played by Alex Macqueen, a line of dialogue. Except there aren’t any other speaking cops (a cost issue?) and Macqueen only barks orders.

It’s possible the directors intend this question (and others) to make the viewer think, but why bother? Easy is a seven minute short about robots; it’s incapable of offering a reward worth that extra work.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Jason Groves, Chris Harding and Richard Kenworthy; screenplay by Groves, Harding and Kenworthy, based on a novel by Matthew De Abaitua; director of photography, Barry Ackroyd; edited by Dominic Leung; production designer, Agnieszka Debska; produced by Ally Gipps.

Starring Tom Hollander (Michael), Geraldine James (Dr. Easy) and Alex Macqueen (Superintendent).


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