Alison Elliot stars in ANOTHER ROUND, directed by Bob Degus.

Another Round (1992, Bob Degus)

It’s too bad no one burned all the copies of Another Round, as it might save someone from coming across it. The short–which may or may not have started as a terrible pilot episode–takes place in a hip bar, which doesn’t seem to have an actual bar just unlikely tables. The budget, more than Mimi Gramatky’s production design skills, might be at fault on that one.

Degus’s direction is awful. Lots of pausing on action so lead Alison Elliott can narrate about her night and love life in general. Elliot’s bad; her narration’s so poorly written she couldn’t possibly deliver it well, but her regular performance isn’t good either.

All of the actors are pretty terrible, except Michael Beach. Beach seems to know he’s in a crappy maybe-pilot and it’d pay the bills if it went to series. But he’s still not good.

Round’s completely without value.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Bob Degus; written by Gregg Bryan Goldman and Michele McGuire; director of photography, Scott E. Steele; edited by Kathryn Himoff; music by Phillip Kimbrough; production designer, Mimi Gramatky; produced by Laura Stuart.

Starring Alison Elliott (Jessica), Michael Beach (Tyrell), Elena Wohl (Rita), Melissa Samuels (Liza), Googy Gress (Lea Dewey), Nada Despotovich (Elaine Dewey), Tom Hodges (Matt) and Brett Cullen (Roy).


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