Swamp Thing 152 (March 1995)

16122It’s a good, but far from profound, issue. Much like Moore and Veitch, Millar has sent Swamp Thing on a multi-issue themed adventure. Not through time or space, but through genre fiction. Here he appears in a supernatural noir world, aiding a private detective on a case involving a devolving man.

The detective’s actually the lead; Alec being reduced to a guest star in his own comic (for these reasons, anyway) reminds of the series’s glory days. It can’t be unintentional on Millar’s part, especially not since he writes the detective and the strange world of zombies, werewolves and witch doctors so well.

It probably could be its own comic, but there’s no sign Vertigo was using Swamp Thing to soft pilot comics. Too bad.

There’s a lot of blood, a lot of implied gore, but mostly just great storytelling from Millar, Hester and DeMulder. The comic oozes mood.


River Run, Chapter One: City of the Dead; writer, Mark Millar; penciller, Phil Hester; inker, Kim DeMulder; colorist, Tatjana Wood; letterer, Richard Starkings; editor, Stuart Moore; publisher, Vertigo.


  1. vernon wiley

    Wow. I never would of imagined Millar capable of using a narrative device like you described. I had all but forgotten that he used to be a decent writer way back when. I remember when I thought he was a “phony name” for Grant Morrison, whom he’d collaborated with in his early days at DC. Now with the movies and whatnot, he’s more popular and famous. Go figure.

  2. JÖL

    That’s a good issue. I liked the story, and the detective getting tattoos of his closed cases. Cover is amazing, interiors are rather shitty.

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