The Superior Spider-Man 9 (July 2013)

909330Whew. There I was, having to take back some negative comments about Slott’s pacing last issue and how well he sold the story overall… and now I’m validated.

This issue reads in something like two minutes, maybe three if you take a bathroom break.

Otto zooms down into his own mind to fight the collected memories of Peter Parker–Ghost Peter isn’t a ghost as much as congealed memories–and there’s a big street fight out of Superman II.

Lots of guest stars. Pretty much every supporting cast member, friend and foe. Ryan Stegman must have had a great time drawing it, but there’s no story. It’s a scene out of a bad Matrix knock-off. Slott gets in one moment at the end where Ghost Peter is revealed as selfish (just like Otto) but he doesn’t do anything with the duality.

The issue’s pointless. Slott wastes the reader’s time.


Troubled Mind, Part Three: Gray Matters; writer, Dan Slott; artist, Ryan Stegman; colorist, Edgar Delgado; letterer, Chris Eliopoulos; editor, Ellie Pyle and Stephen Wacker; publisher, Marvel Comics.

One Comment

  1. Andrew Wickliffe

    Yes, I’m serious. Sticking with pointless and a waste of the reader’s time and money. I require at least as much depth as a Hostess Fruit Pie advertisement in my Marvel superhero comic books.

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