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Judge Minty (2013, Steven Sterlacchini)

Edmund Dehn stars in JUDGE MINTY, directed by Steven Sterlacchini.

Judge Minty runs around twenty-seven minutes so I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t realize the big problem until probably halfway through (so, say, thirteen minutes). Director and co-writer Sterlacchini is a lousy director. It’s not all his fault–Ben Woods does a terrible job editing the poorly directed action and suspense scenes–but he’s really bad.

Maybe the first half works because the production values are so startlingly good. Minty is a fan film–approved, however, by the copyright holders (it’s a spin-off of the Judge Dredd franchise)–but it looks stunning. The CG composites are phenomenal; they make a great impression.

What’s strange is Sterlacchini’s making a Western and doesn’t get that genre. But he cowrote it so… one would think he would.

Anyway, lead Edmund Dehn is good and Phil Oates’s music is great, but Minty’s just a technical success.

Oh, Jared Butler’s awful.

1/3Not Recommended


Produced and directed by Steven Sterlacchini; screenplay by Sterlacchini and Michael Carroll, based on a character created by John Wagner and Mike McMahon; director of photography, Stephen Green; edited by Ben Woods; music by Phil Oates; production designer, Daniel Carey-George.

Starring Edmund Dehn (Judge Minty), Mark Watson (Aquila), Peter Seddon (Napoleon Hat), Domino Barbeau (Ceremony Judge) and Greg Staples & Jared Butler (Judge Dredd).


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