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Swamp Thing 105 (March 1991)

16075What is the deal with Hoffman’s art? If his style–which occasionally reminds of sixties and earlier comics–is unintentional, he’s incompetent. But if he’s intentionally doing this issue’s war comic scene like Swamp Thing is an old war comic, it’s fantastic.

And Hoffman’s Swamp Thing looks a lot like the Wes Craven movie costume. And if that choice is intentional, Hoffman’s giving this book a whole different layer.

However, it’s possible he’s just crap.

Wheeler’s story sets up this space opera fight against evil for the Green (Alec’s rescuing members previously captured by the evil Grey). Still, it could be worse. The development of Tefé being able to resurrect people is a neat one and it makes perfect sense.

When Abby and Tefé are in danger, Alec isn’t paying attention and easily could have been. Regardless of Wheeler’s intention for Alec’s ignorance it builds suspense.

It’s a strange issue.


Living Sacrifices, The Quest for the Elementals, Part Two; writer, Doug Wheeler; artist, Mike Hoffman; colorist, Tatjana Wood; letterer, John Costanza; editor, Stuart Moore; publisher, DC Comics.

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