Snarked 10 (July 2012)

Snarked 10 preview Page 1Langridge comes up with some rather unexpected turns this issue. He opens it with a couple asides, first a reference to the occupy movement with the evil royalty back home, then the Gryphon running the pirate ship, before catching up with the main cast on Snark Island.

This issue isn’t as full as the last one, but Langridge still has some major events before the pirates arrive. I’m not spoiling, it’s on the cover.

There’s a lot of nice character work with the Walrus. Langridge’s intentions with him are so clear, the captain can even see them and comments on them. Snarked is warm and fuzzy a few times this issue. Always with some bite, but definitely warm and fuzzy.

Even though there’s a lot going on, Scarlett’s still the primary lead. Langridge rightly gives her time to discuss the family–and political–issues at hand.

It’s another great issue.


Fit the Tenth: Beware the Cyberwock!; writer and artist, Roger Langridge; colorist, Lisa Moore; editors, Eric Harburn and Bryce Carlson; publisher, kaboom! Studios.

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