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Nancy in Hell On Earth 2 (March 2012)

858625I’m not sure Nancy in Hell could exist without Garth Ennis. Torres isn’t ripping him off precisely, just his approach (and attitude) to afterlife stuff.

It’s just derivative and it’s a fine derivation. Torres bypasses most of the previous issue’s problems–the annoying cop ceases to be annoying with Nancy around to drive the story. She’s a backseat driver at times (once literally), but she’s always present.

On Earth is an apocalypse story (in a mall, no less) and Torres nicely halves the issue between action and fallout. The second half is Nancy finding out she’s in the future and Lucifer trying to redeem death row inmates.

Where the comic hits the bumps is the art. Lorenzana’s art is too slick for the human scenes. He does far better making the gross stuff not seem so scary and the giant Hell monsters look good too.

It’s entertaining and mostly competent.


Writer, El Torres; artist, Enrique Lopez Lorenzana; colorist, Fran Gamboa; letterer, Malaka Studio; editors, C. Edward Sellner and Matt Litts; publisher, Image Comics.

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