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Nancy in Hell On Earth 1 (January 2012)

852792For some reason, El Torres thinks the reader needs two recaps of the previous series, so Nancy in Hell On Earth takes a while to get started.

There’s a little with the bad guy getting the job of lording over Earth’s destruction, but he also recaps the end of the last series. It’d be more effective without. Same goes for the reintroduction of Nancy and Lucifer. Torres does have a funny twist, but it comes after he wastes a couple pages on ground situation.

One of those text recaps on the credits page would have been a lot better.

With the Nancy and Lucifer scenes, Torres does just fine. Then he introduces some cop helping people and quoting the Bible. Those scenes don’t work out.

Enrique Lopez Lorenzana’s art is okay most of the time, but he’s weak when it comes to drawing people. It makes for some bad panels.



Writer, El Torres; artist, Enrique Lopez Lorenzana; colorist, Fran Gamboa; letterer, Malaka Studio; editor, C. Edward Sellner; publisher, Image Comics.

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