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Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows 4 (February 2010)

725240Now there’s an unexpected conclusion. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, since it suggests Ty would know what all the keys do, which he doesn’t… but it’s a cool conclusion. And, unlike some of Hill’s other approaches, is geared only for a comic book.

It’s an all-action issue and it’s a good one. Hill is never clear how safe the Locke family is in Locke & Key; the kids are in definite danger (or at least it seems).

There’s just not a lot to talk about because of all that action. There are chases, there are monsters… We find out the cop is hanging around because he’s got the hots for the mom.

And Hill understands if he’s going to do such a rushed story, with so little non-action content, there needs to be a good pay-off. But the pay-off is giant-size. It is incredible.


Shadow Play; writer, Joe Hill; artist, Gabriel Rodriguez; colorist, Jay Fotos; letterer, Robbie Robbins; editor, Chris Ryall; publisher, IDW Publishing.

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