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The Secret History of D.B. Cooper 4 (June 2012)

880675It’s a breezy read, probably the breeziest of D.B. Cooper (so far). Churilla’s in the end run now, tying into the famous plane hijacking–or setting up for the tie in. The issue opens with a big action scene, takes a little breather with some talking heads, then moves into two chase sequences. They tie together too.

There’s not a lot of exposition, which is nice. While having the doctor around to explain things is a good way to get out the expository dialogue, actual conversations are better.

It remains to be seen if Churilla’s going to be able to tie up all the loose ends satisfactorily. He practically added one an issue–and started with a few–so he’s up to seven or eight now.

For the finish, he loosens up the art in the real world scenes. He tended to be controlled before, now he’s going wild.


Writer, artist and colorist, Brian Churilla; letterer, Ed Brisson; editor, James Lucas Jones; publisher, Oni Press.

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