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The Secret History of D.B. Cooper 2 (April 2012)

880673Churilla still hasn’t made the D.B. Cooper detail integral to the comic book. The comic’s called The Secret Life of D.B. Cooper, by the way, so one assumes Churilla knows he has to work it in or piss off readers.

Or maybe not.

D.B. Cooper works just fine without plain hijackings and parachutes and ransom money. Churilla fleshes out the details–the dream world Cooper visits is called “The Glut,” which is a pretty cool name and does distinguish from Dreamscape. He also plays with the monsters and their Soviet analogues, getting in a good surprise this issue.

Churilla even knows it’s obvious the teddy bear is adorable he has to address it in the story.

The last few pages–he ends the issue on a soft cliffhanger masquerading as a hard one–feature more revelations about the ground situation. He handles the exposition well.

And the art’s still great.


Writer, artist and colorist, Brian Churilla; letterer, Ed Brisson; editor, James Lucas Jones; publisher, Oni Press.

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